Wax:One double wax pot that failed to work from new. The supplier replaced this faulty unit, and asked if we could dispose of it. Rather than that, I was requested to take a look at it.

The fault was due to poor assembly, and obviously a failure to test the thing at manufacture time, as the fault should have been noticed. It wasn't working before it left the factory. A simple three pin connector inside the unit, was incorrectly fitted over just two of the three pins. Fortunately that didn't damage the associated display and switches. 

Also, for something else, repaired one of a pair of special cables that the supplier claimed would be £90 to replace... each, and probably wanted to add on post and packing charges, and then 20% VAT. Chancers...

Nikon F100 : f/5.6 : 1/50" : 55mm : ISO 400

Lens: Micro-Nikkor 55mm f/2.8 AIS 
Film: Ilford XP2-Super 400 (B&W negative)

[Frame : 00A]

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