Pheasant ............

 ............. through the back door glass.    For some reason this came out REALLY vividly - the grass was ridiculously green - so desaturated it a little.

Smile for the Day:

A lawyer goes shooting and brings down a marvellous pheasant right on Farmer Joe's field...
Knowing the law, he goes over to the farmhouse and knocks on the door, Farmer Joe opens it and the lawyer speaks:

"Excuse me sir, but I'm a lawyer on a shoot and I happen to have brought down a fairly marvellous pheasant over in your field yonder.    Being a lawyer (I happen to have attended an e
xtremely prestigious school and am partner in a large firm, we mostly deal in corporate you know but......) anyway, I wonder if you wouldn't be a decent little chap about it and let me have it.   Being a lawyer, I know the law, that I'm to ask the landowners permission before I retrieve game."

Farmer Joe looks over the lawyer's shoulder and sees the pheasant.

"Well..... it is a pretty nice one. Tell you what, we can play Ro-sham-Bo for it.   Winner keeps it"

The lawyer is taken aback

"RO-SHAM-BO?   I'm afraid in all my years in prestigious law schools, I have never encountered that concept.   What are the rules?

"Well,"  Farmer Joe began, "we each take turns kicking each other in the privates, the one who gives up first loses."

The lawyer doesn't like the sound of this at all but he really wants that pheasant.

"Alright, I'll do it.   Err... whom goes first?"

"I kick first 'cos its my land" says Farmer Joe simply.

The lawyer consents to stand in the porch, legs apart and braces himself.   Farmer Joe takes several steps back, breaks in to a run and then swings his boot full force at the lawyer's crotch.

Lifted full off the ground, the lawyer crumples into a yelping, weeping heap, and takes a couple of minutes to get his bearings back, sobbing and cursing on the floor, before slowly straining to stand.

"Very well." the lawyer mutters,  "My turn."

"Nah, you can keep the pheasant - I just hate lawyers" replies Farmer Joe and slams the door.


~ Anni ~

This is Monday uploaded on Wednesday

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