By papertiger


I don't seem to require a lot of sleep. I just - if I get four, five good hours, I'm fine. But sleeping is sort of dull. There's a lot of other good stuff that you can do without just lying down and closing your eyes.

-- Betty White

I wish I was like Betty White. But I wouldn't want to be like Margaret Thatcher even though, like Betty, she is famed for being able to fire on all cylinders with very little sleep.

I love to sleep, I'm just rubbish at it.

I took Nytol for the first time last night, though not really by choice, my mum practically forced me. I did sleep a bit better, I think, but I still had mad dreams involving long journeys, car breakdowns, classrooms of children who were genius mechanics and, oddly enough, an attempted trip to Inverness! I'm really not sure where that all came from.

My eyes and I are always tired.

Then today mum and dad had their annual eye tests, which meant I had to play chauffeur as the drops make their vision blurry. I think they planned the appointments to coincide with my stay - I have my uses!

Any blippers out there with some sleeping advice, please let me know (preferably drug and sheep counting free!)

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