By Annieone

Tortilla Chips For Breakfast ...!!

Isn’t Albert the lucky boy..?? He’s had a long wait as our daughter was home for almost 2 weeks....she said he ‘flew in’ shortly after she had arrived back...!!!
She says he absolutely loves these chips and she keeps the ends of her bags as they go stale...!!

My extra today is proof of where I finally ‘got brave’ and rolled up the partly made appears to work but the proof will be when I try to unroll it again....
But more about that another day....!!

I finally kept my appointment with the nurse at my GP clinic today and got my flu vaccine...I’d had to cancel for various reasons but glad to have it now...I suppose pays to take extra care these days....and the bonus was...that it is free to the over ‘50’s’ this winter ...good to see there’s some advantage to ‘getting on a bit’.....!!
I walked from the car park to the surgery (not far) in pleasant wintery sunshine....we had some rain earlier... but when I was leaving it was thundering down...a photo of our flooded Main Street would have made a good blip but I was getting soaked as I rushed back to my car...! Never seen rain like it in awhile...!

Oh I also would like to wish all my women Blip pals a Happy Nollaig na mBan today ....known in old Irish tradition as Little Christmas or Women’s Christmas and legend has it that this is the day women ‘take off’ and men take over the work in the kitchen....!!
Nice idea but I prefer to be in control of my own kitchen....:)))))!!

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