David J. Rose

By djrose007

What takes the longest?

Putting the decorations up, or taking them down, is the continuation of the question.
Of course, it is taking a long time to take them down, sorting them out at the same time. We usually have them down before New Year, apart from the Crib, which waits for Epiphany, but we left everything up for the twins. When they left, on the fourth, everyone was back at work so we had grandchildren sitting during the day.
Getting there though, I've put some boxes up into the attic this evening but there's more to sort out and pack up, plus the tree of course. Oh, and I've just remembered the lights out front!

P.S. I did take this photo myself, using my Selfie Stick/Tripod and the bluetooth trigger, that is tiny, and in my hand.

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