January Joys

A day of sorting bits and bobs on my long ‘to do’ list

My parents in law who were staying here from France have now safely returned home and plan to return to the UK in June for the whole month. They’ve said they’ll only need to stay here a couple of days in that time.

MrH has been binge watching some sort of mechanical programme on YouTube or Netflix all day and occasionally banging the wall next to him when he could hear a mouse or rat chewing inside the wall or under the floorboards. It’s a very unwelcome new visitor so I’ve baited the 4 spring traps whilst standing in some very cold sleety rain. I’ve got some grain bait and a few bait blocks somewhere in the porch so I shall dig those out at the weekend and fill all the bait boxes which are hidden around the exterior of the house (that’s a bigger job that requires decent daylight). We’ve been very lucky not to have too much of an issue with vermin since I stuffed some of the entry holes on the exterior/ base of the house with wire wool. Jan- March seems to be the worst time for unwelcome furry visitors, I guess as it is so cold outside.

I managed to set off one of the traps about 4 times as I overloaded it with peanut butter and then when I finally put it in place I managed to set it off again as I moved the lawnmower slightly and a huge terracotta pot (and bag of cement inside said pot) came crashing down. I didn’t even know we had an open bag of cement or what it has been recently used for!

MrH is now fiddling with a sewing machine he has bought himself. I suspect he’s going to make some very practical things for his camper van.

I had a curry last night for the first time in about 2 months. My stomach is in shock today and unlikely to be very forgiving. I’m going to bob into town now and collect my new specs and do a little posting.

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