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BCSplash - Reasons to celebrate.

There are a few so do read on!

Happy New Year 2022
First and foremost, we’d like to wish you a Happy New Year and welcome our most recent blippers to Blipfoto.  We hope you’re finding your way around and starting to connect with your fellow blippers.

Honeycombebeach in the press
We had a lovely surprise spotting Honeycombebeach's press release in her local newspaper this week and although we’ve shared it on social media, we know not everyone uses those channels.

Honeycombebeach is a wonderful ambassador for Blipfoto and not only did we enjoy reading the piece and seeing her wonderful photography, but we’re also very grateful for her taking the initiative in sharing her story.
If you’ve missed it, you can read it here.

Blipfoto on the Photography Daily Podcast
Then there was a letter that blipper richard sent to the Photography Daily podcast.
Richard enjoys listening to photography podcasts and discovered this one quite recently and made contact. We enjoyed the whole episode, but if you’re short on time, tune in at minute 30. 

You can take part too - You are invited, as blippers, to send in your best photos and/or links to your journal to be featured - have a listen here.!

Our latest BCSplash
And of course, this image!
Where did we find this magnificent feel-good photo?
It was tagged #BCsplash by blipper KariFinland who explains:
“The ice of Lappeenranta city bay holds easily all the hundreds of fireworks watchers.”

We thought this was perfect for celebrating the start of the year, our first community post of 2022 and the lovely press coverage we’ve seen this week too.

Wondering what #BCsplash is?
Well, we’re always on the lookout for eye-catching images to be included on our Facebook and Twitter headers as well as here on the community blog. Pick out a photo that would make an appealing first impression to visitors and add the tag #BCsplash.  

We'd love to see new members taking part too - it’s a great way we can help introduce you to the community and showcase your images alongside Blipfoto. Plus, we really enjoy looking through your images every week!

Please everyone, do remember to drop in on our new blippers and help them to feel welcome in our community.

This is where you’ll find us!
Many thanks
Richard and Bex

(Blippers: richard & WharfedaleBex) 

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