David J. Rose

By djrose007

My 'Blue Plaque'

One of the things I got for Christmas (it was for my birthday in November, apologies for the repeat!) was this plaque from my lovely Daughter-in-Law, Joanne.
I know you normally see blue plaques on buildings after the persons death but it's nice to see it while still living  :-)

Very cold outside today but while it was dry, and even the sun shining, I took down the outside lights at the front of the house. See Extra.
This involved six sets. Along the hedge by the garage, along the garage and the house until that set met another set finishing off the length of the house and going around to the Cherry tree. The power for that set came from a box at the base of the tree, as did the set along the far hedge, and two sets going up the tree.
I removed the two sets on the tree this year. Left them on last year but one set didn't work when the big switch on came so had to take them down and put up another set.
We made great progress on the rest of the decoration demolition. Many boxes put up into the attic, a few more ready to go up tomorrow.

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