By Paladian


I get quite irritated with the press.  

Reading today's headlines you would be forgiven for assuming that we Australians are in danger of starving to death because there is no product on the supermarket shelves.

Utter rubbish of course.  OK so there might be  a shortage of prepackaged pizzas or some such thing; but nothing that will affect us.

On another matter, I am a fan of Rick Stein, the chef.  I have all of his books and avidly watch repeats of his cooking programs on TV.  He has a recipe for a tomato and aubergine tarte tatin, which is utterly delicious.  The only problem is that you have to confit tomatoes and aubergines which is time consuming.

So worth it though - we can get heritage tomatoes very easily without growing them.  Our local greengrocer has quite a few varieties.

So here we are about to confit some tomatoes in the top of the oven while the aubergine cooks in the lower part.  Takes a couple of hours, but you don't need to watch them.

All things being equal they may be ready for dinner tonight.

And don't worry about sending food parcels - I promise you we are not in danger of a slow lingering death by starvation.

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