E&J: Project 365 2013-14

By EandJ

Oh Dear, John Lewis

So...where to begin!

We bought this bedroom furniture range in January from John Lewis as we desperately needed the units but we have been trying to get them to replace the wardrobe ever since!

Every call we get:

"It's still not in stock."
"The batch we just received had to go back to the manufacturers."
"The manufacturer has delayed the order shipment."

ARGH!!! In all this time we left the wardrobe packaged up out of decency in the hope it would soon be replaced...but 3 months later and we are now told there won't be any more in until June...if at all!

So we decided, after yet another conversation with the John Lewis customer service team, to just build the wardrobe we have got, despite the issues, so we can actually use it and then let them deal with taking it away and getting a new one sent out to us!

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