By Ingeborg

Rose spiral

The other rose in Thursday's bouquet has this beautiful spiralling shape. You can't beat nature's natural designs. Although there are some things about nature that don't agree with me :-( . The alder catkins are already full out and spreading pollen. I couldn't figure out why I had burning eyelids, itching skin and other needle and pins symptoms for several days now until a sparse bout of sunshine showed me what was happening in the garden, culprits identified ! This is the earliest I've seen them open and the earliest the hayfever has appeared ! See extra.

Enough about me, thanks so much for all the great Abstract Thursday entries for 2022's first Thursday. This coming Thursday the optional theme is 'natural shapes' and the tag will be AT342.

Here are 5 special entries from last Thursday:
heanku                    windsock
lisabet                     gentle water motion
pkln                         colourful reflections
kimwilkie33           stained glass-like edit
AnnieBelle              abstract lichen

Thanks very much for the kind comments and stars for yesterday's hiding gnome.

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