Bright and Beautiful

By ThingsBeautiful


poser in the sunlight :)

Late yesterday afternoon I started coughing non stop.  I took my inhalers, but they didn't help to start with....  Just in case I took an LFT, but thankfully it was negative.  Not too bad a night, still got the sinus issues, a very slight sore throat, occasional sneezes and the cough.  LFT this morning was also negative....

Just in case, I didn't go to church today, but have stayed home and relaxed.  I'm only coughing occasionally just now - I've kept my inhaler doses up.  its either a cold or an allergy issue to do with the damp, cold weather which has always affected me through life (though I have to say its been rather nice and sunny today)

Looking forward to another episode of Call the Midwife in just 20 minutes time :)

Hopefully I'll be fine tomorrow and able to walk up the road to collect my repeat prescription and carry on working from home :)

Happy Sunday folks :)

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