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By HarlingDarling

Rose's celebration

75 years of being Rose, and we have been friends since 1985 which is for ever in real terms. Lucky us! The conversation ranged over the following topics:
Pregnancy tests using frogs, then rabbits till the 50s, gory details from the internet
Politics, do the American republicans really believe what they say, or are they pretending - or are they really crazy?
Politics in our own municipality
Travelling we cannot do, would like to do, or would prefer never to have to do thank you very much.
Language teaching (we all have done this, some of us for ever, and the birthday girl is still working 80% of a job doing it)
Shakespeare, Julius Ceasar in particular, quotes were declaimed
Schools, and our old school songs. I sang mine (it was a dire choice for an all girls' high school "Let Us Now Praise Famous Men" I ask you!)

We folded things up just after 10 as Rose has a work meeting at 8 tomorrow. We others are pensioners and happy about that!  I have three more translation texts to do, and a few political tasks to complete but my time is largely my own. Lovely.

The visit to the Gynecologist went well, I got a hearing and we have a plan for monitoring a rather curious patch of skin that "comes and goes" and sometimes bleeds a little. Of course, today it was having a quiet period, unlike when I asked for the appointment in... August. I'll be called back in 3 months for a check up, & will come in at once if it flares up as they are interested in seeing things then. Otherwise all is well, I am a model client and do as I'm told (ie use my meds) and this is "nothing to worry about" - which I wasn't. I love the Swedish national health system, it isn't perfect but it is very reassuring, and almost everyone you meet is kind and calm - and willing, actually very willing to listen to the patient. I now won't pay for any doctor's appointments till September, having paid in enough money for this year. (£25 per consultation till you reach £100) There's a similar ceiling for medicine, but it's more than double.

The parking lot outside the hospital is a nightmare of no signs, dead ends and a lot of snow. I ended up driving the wrong way up a bus lane. Nice one. I drove on the pavement a bit and it settled down. The bus driver didn't seem calm or kind at all. Fist shaking happened! There were literally NO SIGNS. What an ill thought out mess it is. I went to Mordor, briefly and found fleecy leggins for the girlie, and some exciting things like deoderant was bought for the homestead. Not terribly thrilling but I did find a lovely tapestry picture of an Alsatian dog which will become a bag for my sister-in-law Kathryn who used to have one just like this!

Incredibly, 30 minutes of meditative yoga was somehow squeezed into the afternoon before dashing off to Rose's house for lasagne and prosecco. I was the driver this evening so I was on water. In the picture Rose is reaching for the little Christmas cake, half of which is hers, the green blob is the cake she got for free from the supermarket, as she is 75. Keith is already looking forward to this sort of thing, he says! The lights were part of the present, and the shawl was too. So, the day has been full, and interesting, useful and satisfying - and I am grateful for our lovely friend in particular! Amongst other things, I gave her a mostly red fine wool scarf and told her the matching one is in Mourão with my friend D. All these connections, the threads that bind us together. Wonderful.

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