Red Squirrel

The whole world knows the British are world-leading in "exceptionalism".
Only on the island are the squirrels Union Jack red.
The red squirrel or Eurasian red squirrel (Sciurus vulgaris) which live on the continent of Europe are varying colours from red throw brown to black.
Here from Wikipedia:

"The coat of the red squirrel varies in colour with time of year and location. There are several coat colour morphs ranging from black to red. Red coats are most common in Great Britain; in other parts of Europe and Asia different coat colours coexist within populations, much like hair colour in some human populations. The underside of the squirrel is always white-cream in colour. The red squirrel sheds its coat twice a year, switching from a thinner summer coat to a thicker, darker winter coat with noticeably larger ear-tufts (a prominent distinguishing feature of this species) between August and November. A lighter, redder overall coat colour, along with the ear-tufts (in adults) and smaller size, distinguish the Eurasian red squirrel from the American eastern grey squirrel. The red colour is for camouflage when seen against the bark of pine trees"

This fellow has been a constant visitor since last year. I now see him daily from my office window stealing the bird food.

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