tempus fugit

By ceridwen

Plenty in the pantry

Some faithful followers may remember the establishment of our Community Fridge a few years back. Covid meant it couldn't remain open because  people had to enter a closed, unsupervised shed to help themselves to the surplus food. But someone had a brainwave and the cleaning cupboard round the back was turned into a Community Pantry which could be accessed from outside by one person at a time.  This has remained in operation throughout, serviced by a team of volunteers who collect, record and set out the items that shops, supermarkets and wholesalers have to remove from their shelves because they have reached their Best Before dates.
Today there was oodles of stuff as is often the case after the weekend: fruit, veg, bread, cakes, pastries, a few tins and some packets of mince pies. And books - the pantry also acts as a swop shop for readers.

Just a couple of days ago Morrisons became the first British supermarket to stop putting 'use by' dates on fresh milk. See here.
Hooray!  (and about time). Milk is the third most wasted food item in the UK because, it seems, an awful lot of people can't tell if it's still good without checking the u/b date. Now it's being suggested  they sniff it and trust their noses (unless I suppose they've recently had Covid.)

I took some fruit and veg from the pantry and some stale day-old pastries for a sweet treat. Warmed up, they're as good as fresh.

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