Arnside and beyond

By gladders

Morning and afternoon

The main photo is this afternoon, the extra was this morning.  In the morning after a very slow and short walk with Gus, I went chasing the mists that were lying on the lower ground and creeping across the estuary.  The extra shows that fence with its flotsam (no plastic this time) that I have blipped three times before from the opposite side, this time it looks towards Sandside.  In the afternoon, C had some business in the village, so we descended to the promenade for me to see the sun disappear behind Ashmeadow

The main photo was taken with my old zoom lens.  This has taken a few knocks over the years, particularly when I was unwell in 2016/17 and I had a habit of falling over.  It needs fixing, and this photo if viewed carefully shows one of its problems, the other one is less obvious, but it struggles with metering in portrait mode.  Looks like it's time to get it fixed.

Bright, still days like today make the grey days worthwhile.

Gus is asking for his evening walk.  His limp is gone, though walking a little further does draw attention to how slow he is now, and a bit weak in his legs.  Last night when he came home, his back legs gave way as he stepped into the house, and we had only walked half a mile.  But he's still keen to go.

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