David J. Rose

By djrose007

What's happening in the garden?

Over the past week we've had landscapers in to redo the paths around the back part of the garden. We do a lot of things but I know my limitations, hence getting someone in who knows what they are doing.
We've had the gravel and paving slabs (top picture) for the past 25 years. It's been ok but over the past few years the composting leaves, and general garden detritus, has built up amongst the gravel. Not only is this messy, and impossible to clean up, but it means the gravel is growing higher and spreads across the slabs making it difficult, and dangerous, to walk.
Since having the 'Resin Bond' driveway and patios done we've been very impressed with it so we are having the same done to the paths. The lower photograph shows the paths lined with paving bricks and in-between has been filled, almost, with red stone/sand/gravelly stuff, and topped with concrete. It looks very neat but they've left about 10-15mm for the Resin Bond gravel.
They'll be back to finish it off a week Monday. The head bloke of the gang was very honest and told us they've never done Resin Bond before so they've been researching it, and practicing, so they will get it right when they do our paths.
It's very simple in concept, it's when you get a large volume to do that it gets a bit more complicated. I did a little patch on a patio, a couple of square feet that didn't get done due to the ivy growing over the patio. We had to order a pack which would have covered a couple of square metres. The patch I did was easy to do but we are now left with resin and gravel, of the wrong colour of course!

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