By WharfedaleBex

Wild and glowing

I had this route lined up for yesterday, then today, then tomorrow, then back to today.  The wind was dropping on Thursday and then it changed to not until Friday so that was the first readjustment.  The spanner in the works was a glitch in the broadband yesterday and an engineer having to be booked for Friday.  

Rather than miss out, I headed off in lovely weather today but with a strong breeze.  Turns out that breeze was blowing a hoolie up here with a harsh bite - you'd never tell from this.  On the next hill out from here, I was unintentionally zigzagging all the way to the top, battling the side wind every pedal of the way.  It was not a fast journey! I had my sandwiches cut into quarters and stopped briefly to stuff one in my mouth.  It doesn't quite fit so I had to stuff a bit more.  It wasn't a pretty journey on that score either but I did find it funny. And, needless to say, it was a fabulous journey.  The one PR was on the straight stretch of Malham Moor before heading down the other side, heading pure east on a conveyor belt, barely turning the pedals.

I noticed my tyre had disintegrated the other day so it felt good to have a new one one - just need to sort the back brakes now as I think they're on metal - it was a careful focus on the front brakes, descending down to Malham. A great excuse too for not tackling the Cow and Calf today!

The broadband issue that could possibly have been the builders cutting the line turns out to be a BT issue that finally got fixed today that they omitted to spot on all the calls yesterday.  The builders were pleased because there was no digging up to be done. Rich was pleased because he had his work line back and I was pleased because I'd got myself out of the door on a less than perfect forecast in January.

Indulged in Christmas bath oil.

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