In the Garden

I started pruning the roses, in my usual timid style, spending too much time considering each and every cut, and leaving way too much growth on the plant. I had hoped to consult with our garden helper, but he has come down with Covid, so I'm on my own for awhile. Of course, before I can prune I have to clear the thicket of sour grass (oxalis) that surrounds each plant, just so I can see what I'm working with. It's a project. But if I do one or two bushes at a time and don't get carried away, I'll be okay. 

My son has Covid now as well. So far he hasn't been very ill, and he's isolating and getting a lot of rest. We haven't spent time with him since New Year's, so I don't think we have to worry. After such a long time of not knowing anyone who had it, suddenly there are two guys we know who are down. Oops, three, counting my grandson, and he's been cleared and is back in the world. 

The plumbing may be done, but we still have to find a drywall guy to repair the holes in the bathroom walls, and then a painter to follow him. Naively, I didnt figure on all of that when we started. 

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