By dogwithnobrain

And he calls her the chocolate girl

I had a bad experience with chocolate ice cream once.

It came back to me last night as I ate this and wondered why I hadn’t had chocolate ice cream for ever and considered the reasons I always opt for another flavour. Then I remembered

I used to manage a restaurant. My training for this was done with six others in one branch and after 9 months I was taken to another branch to set up and open with one of my fellow trainees.

On the opening night my partner in crime partied a little to hard and was fired the next morning.

This left me alone with a bar and 120 seat restaurant running seven days a week by myself.

It was a nightmare; made worse by the acknowledgment of the directors that none of them would like to be stuck there by themselves either. But did they find me anyone to help?

After a couple of months they determined to give me a night off and sent the head barman over on a Tuesday night to manage what was typically my quietest night .

While he drunk the contents of my bar and danced on the bar top… I sat in a booth and drunk myself into oblivion.

Then I decided I was hungry. So I went to the kitchen and fetched myself a tub of Belgian, chocolate ice cream.

Which I ate. All of.

The next morning I was on shift.

I woke at eight; felt my head, wondered how I got home … wondered why I didn’t feel worse, got up bathed , dressed and went to work.

At midnight I came home and went upstairs to change. And wondered what the hell the smell was in the room.

And then I saw it.

Either as I got into bed or at some point during the night I had vomited the whole tub of Belgian chocolate ice cream up on the floor on the far side of my bed;

That was why I felt fine in the morning but was why there was a ridiculous smell in the room and obviously why I m not overly fond of chocolate ice cream

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