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Making ...........

 .......... me dream of warmer, sunnier climes!

Monkey Puzzle tree in the front garden (faffled with) against the very blue sky - one of those deceptive skies - looks glorious but, woweeeee, it's cold out there!!!

Smile for the Day:

My husband is worried about my addiction to dot-to-dot puzzles ....... but it's all okay, I know where to draw the line!


~ Anni ~

Thursday uploaded early on Friday - still painting walls and ceiling - the hall is a pain, it has five doors in it, the ceiling is newly re-plastered so needs at least three coats.  I'm going lighter with the paint on the walls too so envisage at least two coats on those.
I don't mind the actual painting at all, it's applying the masking tape I hate!   Oh and the up-and-down the stepladder is a nuisance too.   Grrrrrrr.

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