Happy Valley

By HappyValley


Today I gave myself a lovely surprise... 

After dropping Sigyn off with Mumpy & Pawpee, I got the horses done and then sped through to town to get the ferry to Shapinsay to trim hooves. I got to town to get the 10.15 ferry... Parked up at 10am, I wondered why the boat wasn't yet in. On checking the timetable, I'd made a mistake and the sailing was actually at 09.45.

Mumpy was happy to keep Sigyn as planned. I managed to shop for and buy new work boots and then headed back to Stromness and got out a lovely bonus ride on Jeepers.

Gorgeous was at the yard when we returned so it was lovely to have a bonus catch up with him before I left to shower and get to work. 

A lovely surprise half day of good stuff on what should have been a busy day! 

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