Mike Lincoln

By Linxpix

Self build robot.

Picked this up from a charity shop yesterday, I did check the box which said it would work with windows XP as I still have a laptop with that OS.
No joy when I tried to use the laptop, but did manage to load the manual and 55 page programming manual  plus the software on my Windows 10 machine :-)
I do a UPP monthly print folio which popped through the letter box a couple of days ago , so decided I would put the little egret  print in this months folio ! No way could I get my printer to work through the network, it has been no problem all the years i have had it . After much hair pulling decided to bring it into the living room and connect it directly via the USB cable. , thought it would just work but No !! so had to search for the original disc with the drivers on to finally get it to work !! 
By this time I needed to go and fetch my daughter from work , Wow !! the temperature had dropped below 0 so a de-ice of the car was needed before I could go !

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