By madowoi

amusiNG SELF POrtrait

A couple of days made strange by medical appointments. 

First, I left work in the afternoon on Thursday to take advantage of a sudden opening at the dentist. A back molar has become very sensitive to temperature, making eating and drinking tricky. After the assistant took and x-ray, the dentist came in and told me the tooth in question was fine. The gum had simply receded from the base of the tooth, exposing an area that would naturally be more sensitive. So that was apparently that.

Of course I was pleased it wasn't anything more serious, but I was sort of expecting some information on why this had happened, advice on what to do about it, or idea of how long the problem might last. When I asked, the dentist recommended I get a water pik to clean between my teeth instead of floss. When I asked further questions, she finally looked in my mouth and commenced digging around the sensitive area with that hook thingy. I got the hint, paid my hundred bucks, and got out of there.

The next morning I got into work late because I went in to the doctor's office to get some blood work done. I am pleased to say this went very smoothly. I used to play chess with the guy who draws the blood, so we always have a nice chat while he does it. No digging around there, thankfully.

Instead of feeling like a respite from work, it felt odd to be away. Leaving so suddenly on Thursday made me feel sneaky for some reason, and this morning I almost didn't know what to do with myself while waiting to go the doctor. Hopefully that sensation won't last all weekend.

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