More for your money!

We have had a trip out to the local garden centre and bought food for the birdies. Mr H spotted a display of live critters in 'egg boxes', so critters, hoppers, beasties of all sorts all packaged up for feeding to bigger critters. I did hope that no one would send the display flying as I imagined hundreds of loose bugs on the rampage.

We had a walk around Fordham in the sunshine, we wandered in some woods and found some paths we hadn't been on before.

I imagine that it's a while since anyone bought a gallon of fuel from here. We spotted this old pump on our wanderings. Our local garage usually has the 'midweek tease' as Mr H calls it. The fuel price goes down midweek, and goes up again at the weekend, however, this weekend it appears to be having a 'weekend tease'. Pah, too bad we already filled up.

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