By Missycat

Tulips, round 2

Today I have no new flowers to offer so the tulips from last week are doing round 2.  If they age well, they may even appear again next week.  Many thanks to our regular Flower Friday host BikerBear.
The renovation work is continuing apace and today we ordered the shower unit to be fitted when it arrives early next week.  This evening we are invited out to help celebrate the 70th birthday of one of our friends R.  Finding suitable clothing and getting ready with all our stuff spread anywhere but where it would usually be has proved a challenge!
This afternoon the littlest Flower Fairy popped round with her mummy who was kind enough to straighten and style my hair for this evening.  Stella-Rose therefore, appears as my alternative flower in extras.  Those very rosy cheeks are partly due to the very cold weather and partly to the ongoing teething - not that a tooth has actually cut yet.

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