I Witness

By KangaZu

Squirrel Blip Friday ...

... Mine, mine, all mine!

There wasn't much time for squirrel photography as we have someplace to be this afternoon.  But I took a few minutes after lunch to sit on the deck. Thankfully there were a squirrel or two that came for the peanuts I had put out ... including this cutie. 

We had volunteered our time this afternoon to help at Jacobsburg State Park for their Project FeederWatch.  Today was their second day of two in a row for counting the birds that come to the feeders they have set up outside their education building.  Thankfully we are able to sit inside for the count as it was quite windy and cold.  It was fun to simply sit there and watch the birds ... counting the number of each species at the same time.  The predominate species were the dapper (to use Debbi's word!) white-throated sparrows and the beautiful Northern cardinals.  We counted 10 cardinals at one time and the count for the sparrows was 12.  I've added an extra of one of the lovely male cardinals ... my apologies for the bad lighting. 

After leaving Jacobsburg we stopped at Kohl's to drop off an Amazon return that I had. Then Sam's for some groceries. 

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