Arnside and beyond

By gladders


I answered a phone call this morning (Saturday) when Caroline was running her Qi Gong workshop on Zoom.  It was Julie, who gifted us Gus nine years ago.  Gus's brother Rocky died on Friday, just 10 days after their Reunion.  

Rocky collapsed when Julie and Steve were taking him for a short walk, Steve carried him home, and shortly afterwards on the way to the vets, he died in Steve's arms.  

Gus was very subdued on Saturday morning, he was slower than usual as we went for his morning walk.  Did he have some sense of what had happened?

We are so grateful that we had the reunion with the two of them after nine years of being apart, what opportune timing it was that they had that chance to see each other again.

The comfort to be taken is that Rocky had a long life, he didn't have any pain or protracted illness, and his passing was swift, and Julie and Steve didn't have to take the awful decision that we so often have to make at the end of the life of a much loved pet.  We can only hope that when Gus's time comes, it is like Rocky's.

We can thank Blipfoto for enabling the reunion.  Julie had lost our contact details shortly after Gus came to live with us.  She always wondered how Gus was getting on his new home.  Eventually, she did an Internet search on Gus and Arnside.  That led her to this Blipfoto journal, and my contact details.  We kept missing phone calls, but just after Christmas I sent her a photo of Gus and she got in touch again and we arranged the get together on 3rd January.

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