No One Said it Would Be Easy

I wasn't going to bake, I honestly wasn't.  But the Gousto meals have put me in creative mode. 

And, also - I had a packet of Dates, which I received as part of a "Apology" from Royal London.    They emailed me and asked me to fill in a form, I said "there is no form attached".  Eight days later a lady phoned and said "I am the complaints ombudsman for Royal London and I have phoned to tell you we have found in your favour., what kind of wine would you like. 

I got a wine basket with Cheese, pate, cracket and said dates. 

So I thought, I need to use the dates. 

Today, I have learned to pit a date.  You use a straw.  This was a major achievement for me, for I have a fear of all things seeds.  Luckily these do not resemble seeds, therefore it was not a massive issue. 

And it was to Nigella I turned.   I remembered her making a sticky toffee pudding with sticky toffee sauce and I looked up her Insta and there was the recipe. 

Heavens above.   It's definitely a sticky toffee pudding.  It tastes exactly like one.  

However, we ate less than half of one of them, we may well be sick of sticky toffee pudding before tomorrow.  
And I have two jars of sticky toffee sauce. 

In other news.. the snowdrops in my garden came out today.  See extra

Today Was a Good Day

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