Please meet Ollie

Ollie is the VW California camper that we bought late last year, after a try-out and some considerations on the financial ‘impact’ of owning a campervan ourselves. That fact that now is the time to build memories with the kids was a big factor on the decision. We searched for quite some time until we found one that matched with all our wishes, both in spec, condition (as new) and price (still a big hit on the savings ;-).

Ollie’s name was decided upon by the kids, and short for Ollie the Elephant as it’s big and grey and has big black ears…

I also finally took the time to give Ollie a full body wax (see second extra).

First time I blipped Ollie, more blips will sure come during the travels. I didn’t know if I wanted to blip Ollie, don’t want the be a show-off, but you all will see it in blips sooner or later, so why not! I will now also backblip 28 November, the day we picked Ollie up from the previous owners.

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