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By Sallymair

Earth Star

Ali had signed up to an NCT course on weaning today along with the rest of her NCT group of new mums. It was on Zoom so she came to us so we could look after Josie to allow her to concentrate. I'm not sure the course was what she was hoping for though. Doing everything online rather than face to face has been so hard for new mums.
We took Josie out for a walk including part of the cycle track - which had a surprising number of cyclists on it today.
It was a pleasant walk, sunny and not too cold. In an aside, I don't know when I last saw the barometer set so high for such a prolonged period.
I was on the look out for snowdrops to blip, I didn't see any but I did spot this pair of earth stars. Their central puff ball seems to have burst on both, but I did like the pattern of the remaining parts. I don't think I've seen them like this before.
We walked for around one and a half hours and Josie slept most of the way. In fact she was still asleep almost half an hour after we got home so Ali woke her. She's such a good natured wee thing, she's 16 weeks old this week and this afternoon had her third lot of vaccines poor soul. She doesn't seem to have been bothered though.
We had our TV quiz evening as it is Monday, I wasn't as focused as usual on OC in fact, the last two rounds where I usually shine, I found quite tricky. I was much more successful on UC,and thought the better team won.
We watched a programme on Dubai next, it really doesn't appeal to me as a place to go to.
Keep safe and well folks, football with crowds from tonight, I do wonder how that will go.

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