Living in Brabant

By AilsaR

Fish and chip paper?

Took the same route tonight; here's the sofa I was taking a pic of yesterday evening.

These benches, known officially as Social Sofas and affectionately as benkskes, pop up all over town.
If they fall into the category of local art, then this has to be one of my faviourite initiatives.

The concept was invented by a local comedienne/cabaret artieste called Karin Bruers.

She noticed that meeting places, in the form of benches, were increasingly disappearing from the streets of Tilburg. So she came up with the idea to place a symbolic number of 1,000 benches dotted around the centre of town and surrounding villages.
I'm not sure how many there are now, one site says 50, the other 900+.

However many there are, the concept is simple; cast in concrete (vandal-proof') they are then decorated in mosaic tiles in accordance with a design determined by their sponsors (usually local businesses).

This one, covered in old newspapers reminds me of the saying, 'today's newspapers, tomorrow's fish and chip wrappers'.

Now that the nights are drawing out again, I think that evening cycle rides to seek out the benkskes will be in order!

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