By theBroon

Wild West Movies

Over the last umpteen months I, like so many others, have had to endure more video meetings than hot dinners. But none have filled me with as much dread as the two scheduled for this morning.

First up Paw (profoundly deaf) and then immediately after Wee Maw (recovering from her stroke last summer) with the same hospital consultant!

Laptop, chairs and table set up, Paw and I sat patiently waiting for the meeting to start and then suddenly the consultant appears on the screen before us.

"Ah ken her!" says Paw.

"Shhhhh she can hear you!" I tell him.

"Oh aye ............. hullo hen, how ur ye da'en?"

The rest was plain sailing, turns out the two of them are video stars after all!

Wild West Heroes!

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