By CherryR

More pond life

Whenever I walk to the ponds I end up with a collage as something is always happening there. Today we enjoyed the sun and with little wind there were splendid reflections.

The swans were at ease on a small island near the shore. The 3 cygnets are still there but presumably will leave soon when the adults start to breed.

The solitary female goosander I blipped recently has been joined by two males so I managed to snap a dopping of ducks, which is the name for a group of diving ducks, truly. I also learned that they catch fish, the males are in their breeding plumage and they nest in holes in trees. There are plenty of trees around there so perhaps they'll stay around. 
From this website:
ducks (diving) - a dopping of ducks 
ducks (flying) - a plump of ducks 
ducks (on water) - a paddling of ducks
ducks - a badling of ducks
ducks - a flush of ducks
ducks - a raft of ducks
ducks - a sord of ducks
ducks - a team of ducks
ducks - a twack of ducks

Who knew!? I didn't!

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