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Obsessed with sky

Perhaps there's someone out there who can tell me why the sky - sunrise and sunset - is so marvellous at this time of year? I know this because Facebook throws up posts from years past, and pink sunsets and flaming sunrises keep cropping up. Today's daybreak wasn't really colourful at all, simply clear, cold and beautiful, so that when I was getting into the car to go shopping at 8am a mad part of me wanted to abandon the messages and go for a walk instead. But I hadn't had my breakfast ...

Actually that early shop fairly impinges on the rest of my day. Somehow the relief of having it over for another week results in a totally self-indulgent collapse over the porridge, complete with Radio 4 and social media posts, which in turn means I'm late doing anything else, like making sourdough, which in turn means I've just put the oven on to heat at 11.35pm and will have to bake the bread while I'm in the bath ...

We did, however, get out this afternoon, walking over the road between the farms with the big sky and the view of the Arran hills looming out of the cloud that had piled up from midday. After a stop to chat to the wife of a former colleague, busy working in her garden, I left Himself behind and struck out at my own pace, which meant I had to get back to the car in a race with the onset of darkness (not a good thing on a narrowish road with no lighting and no high-viz clothing). The photo above is of the sky behind e as I walked; I became aware that I was being engulfed in a sort of pink glow, and kept having to stop and photograph it. You will see that it's not exactly busy; I love the knowledge that I can do this and meet no-one.

I feel that someone might end up writing a dystopian novel - or maybe a picture story like Raymond Brigg's When the Wind Blows - in which a divided country is so busy watching the farce as a government tears itself apart that they miss the fact that a war is beginning somewhere on the Continent they so congratulate themselves on having left - that continent which supplies so much of their gas. 

Can't you see it?

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