Arnside and beyond

By gladders

"Don't forget...

... to look out for me on the Big Garden Birdwatch the last weekend of January".  

Here I have a confession to make.  I was convinced it was this weekend, and I had already planned my Saturday morning and primed the bird feeders.  Then I checked the link to the RSPB's website to include it here, and found I was a week too early!

Oh well, I can have some time on the allotment instead.  I was there this morning, trying to do some weeding, only to find the ground was still frozen.  Though there is no shortage of other things to do there.  It's Potato Day on Sunday (I'd better check I've got that date right), so I need to do some planning to work out what to grow this year.  The first time I went I was outfaced by 90+ varieties of spuds, and this time we need to be in and out quickly, so will need to know in advance what we are growing this year.

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