David J. Rose

By djrose007

Eejit (Pictured!)

Not a bad day. I jet washed the patios and the drive where the landscapers had made a bit of a mess, hardly surprising considering what they'd been doing. They are back on Monday to do the Resin Bond along the paths. I've asked them to bring boards to put down on the devastated lawn!
After doing that I set off, all clad up with my bike trousers and boots on today, to attend an event for a young girl who was having a 13th birthday at 'The Aviator', Gloucestershire airport. I took along a loan certificate from Vulcan XH558 when I borrowed a survival pack (dinghy, rations, etc but minus the pistol) to go under one of the pilot seats. It attaches to the parachute harness. intention was to pop into the jet Age Museum afterwards to give it to someone for the Vulcan XM569 records.
I sat at The Aviator for a while, ordered a coffee, and at the assigned time when many bikes were supposed to arrive there was nothing, except me!
I got out my phone to see if there was any message about it being cancelled and there it was, the date. It's next week! DOH!
Anyway, I took a photo to send to the group and told the story, gave them a laugh and I've had some appropriate ribald comments back HAHAHAHA Photo in the extra photos.
Also told the bloke behind the bar when I took my cup back, he laughed out loud and said "See you next week".
Had a good chat with a couple of people in the Museum that were still there from when I volunteered, mostly doing the Vulcan cockpit tours, and it was a nice ride again.

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