My Daily Life in Photo's.

By Mothermudd


Such a cold day.
A Tree Surgeon came round to check on the 2 tall trees to give me an estimate to bring the height down.
I put my coat on thinking I'd be out there for 15-20 minutes...... I asked him twice if he wanted a cup of Tea as it was so cold, he said "No thanks" & that he wasn't cold..... I was frozen to the bone, not good for my poorly bones.
He was such a chatterbox about everything, not just the Trees, anyway he's going to let me know the cost & we can go from there.
It has taken me ages to warm up, heated blanket, 3 cups of Coffee, I cup of Herbal Tea, a pint of warm Blackcurrant & I'm just becoming warm after 7 hours ish since the Tree Surgeon left.
So no walks today, instead I took a photo of my Hyacinth, I cut 3 stems off because they were flopping out of the pot, 2 of the bulbs have got an extra stem of flowers, so that might have caused the others to flop as there are only 3 bulbs.

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