My kitchen universe

Depending on where the pasta tongs are hanging above the cooker I do have this view often when cooking. Getting close, cropping out the stuff that makes it more identifiable it becomes more of an abstract. That's what I want you to do for this coming Thursday's Abstract Thursday, take a common household object, a tool or anything else at hand and normally identifiable and make an image that by its angle, viewpoint or crop becomes an abstract, with or without extra app edits . So the optional theme is 'mundane abstract'. The tag will be AT344.

Thanks so much for all your 'food' related entries for last Thursday's challenge. Here's the list of 5 specials:
craftylady                spiral of apples
suejay50                  blue egg abstract
Majoayee                 food remains transformations
Cor61                       digestive close-up
SandraSuisse         pancake bubbles

And thanks very much for the kind comments and stars for yesterday's Easter whisper :-)

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