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By Sallymair

MSC - Midlothian Ski Centre

Or as I will always know it, Hillend.
I was in church this morning for the first time in a while. It was our Sea Sunday, with the sermon by Tim the chaplain to seamen. We sang all the usual sea hymns and I did wonder whether he got fed up of hearing them. We know Tim well as he was out interim pastor during our vacancy period a couple of years ago.
The schoolgirls have both had covid but are fortunately now recovered and testing clear. Not surprisingly though their parents have now succumbed. It's very complicated and tricky to arrange for the girls to attend school and other activities now they are safe to do so but while their parents are unable to leave the house!
Today I helped out by taking Isobel to her skiing lesson, it could have been a lot worse, the temperature was a balmy 9°. I did wrap up though. Isobel and I had several interesting conversations while we were together.
Colin was back from his mum's by the time I got home, we decided that going out for tea was what we fancied today. We ended up in the Fishmarket restaurant at Newhaven. I had breaded scampi, fresh and quite luscious - too much for me though. I did however manage to find room, after a short break for an ice cream sundae. It was really just a sundae dish of ice cream with chocolate sauce on it, but very nice!
Today Josie is four months old, how the time has flown.
Keep safe folks.

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