Sugar Magnolia

By cew

The Yarn Harlot

Ok so now it's Sunday but I was just too tired to talk about my day with the Yarn Harlot yesterday.
It was a really great workshop.
Stephanie (the yarn harlot) talked to us about speed knitting. Not that any of us are aiming to be the fasted in the world or anything but there's nothing wrong with a bit of improvement.
She had so many great tricks and stories....well just check out her blog and you'll see!!

So now I've started a scarf that is one of the Yarn Harlot's own designs and I will be practicing the Lever method each day on this scarf. Until I get mad or sad;) Then I will go back to my own way of knitting. Which I am quite happy with to tell the truth!

We all did a little test to see how many stitches we do in a minute.
At the beginning of the class I did 18.6 stitches per minute.
At the end, just using a couple of Stephanie's hints I did 23 stitches per minute.
Everyone in the class was right around those numbers.
From about 15-25 or maybe even 30.

Stephanie also showed me a great way to count how many rows you've done in garter stitch by counting the bars between not the smiles and much easier.

So although I am mostly a thrower and a part time picker I'm gonna try being a bit of a lever as well.....hey that could be a country song!!

This young man was not one of our group...unfortunately we have no men in our group...he works at the community centre we were having our meeting in. Don't think he realized how lucky he was to have a lesson from The Yarn Harlot!!!

Thank you to our great Knitting Leader and Head Goddess Louise for putting this whole day together for us!!

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