David J. Rose

By djrose007

Garden Paths are Finished!

If you saw the previous blips about the paths you will know they were in quite a state. Square slabs surrounded with Cotswold stone gravel, which was impregnated with composted leaves and rubbish from general gardening. The edges were rotting wooden edging strips. To be fair to the original landscaper, it has done us for the past 26 years!
The new Resin Bond pathways, edged with proper cemented in edging bricks, should see us until we don't really care any longer, i.e. dead!
They've done a really great job of it, same people that did our fencing a few months ago. Just have to wait for the resin to set but I've already been straddling the resin gravel to smooth out Jonty's paw prints!!!!!!!!

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