New Week..

…………………..same virus! Still both testing positive so we’re stuck here until Thursday for definite. MC dropped off the ingredients for our Burns Supper tomorrow so I got to see my wee man for a few minutes at a distance…I got blown kisses to keep me going until the weekend.

Actually managed to achieve something this afternoon and made a start emptying the two rooms which are to be decorated next month. G finished building a shelf for me then removed some old curtain pole fittings and polyfilla’d the resulting holes. I’ll touch up the paintwork tomorrow and get the curtains hung so my bedroom furniture can be moved up a storey…I’m going up in the world!!! Surprisingly I still had the energy to cook tea…G cooked a lovely steak dinner yesterday whilst I vegged on the sofa with Mel Gibson for company!

The nearest I could get to a still life shot today…a bedroom shelf before I emptied it. Thanks to ApolloFly for hosting Mono Monday this month.

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