Pictorial blethers

By blethers

Of planks, mist and fleeting brightness

Monday. Pilates day, for me at 10.20 and for Himself an hour later. I was padding along our very muddy lane a minute before my lift was due at the end of it when I stopped to take a photo of the only sunshine of the day - it had actually rained briefly not long before that. It's my extra photo, just because it's cheery, in a messy sort of way. An attempt to get everyone to pitch in to tar it over failed, which means bumpy rides to park in drive-ins, and is one of the reasons we own a 4x4.

The class had shrunk in the way it often does at the end of January as all that post-holiday resolve fades away, but the usual people were all present and we were able to work hard - no concessions and much more strength work (like planks!) than in the last two classes. I shall be sore in the morning. As it was, I went home for coffee and almost fell asleep puzzling over today's Wordle - I managed in four lines, but only after much thought and a break for lunch. (I apologise to non-addicts).

We decided another afternoon indoors, be it never so productive, would be A Bad Idea, so headed out in quite the wrong direction as far as sunshine was concerned because you can get very fed up always walking the same road. Benmore Gardens was very misty and still - but not silent, as a group of school children from Currie had clearly arrived to stay in Benmore Outdoor Centre (in the old Big House) and were marching through the gardens in the trademark grubby red waterproofs and wellies, highly excited, trailing two staff members in the rear. It's been a long time since we met these groups of children: a sign of a return to normality?

Blipping the view back from the carpark over the River Eachaig towards the wooded part of the gardens and misty Glen Massan as the clouds break slightly.

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