a lifetime burning

By Sheol

Don't panic!

Another long cold walk in the gloom today.  I saw all sorts of interesting birds but most of them really didn't want to be photographed.  I managed to catch up with a female sparrow hawk twice, but on both occasions not sufficiently near for me to get a decent shot of her.  There were also some lovely wrens darting in and out of various hedges, but again, not staying still long enough for me to manage even a single image.  

There were buzzards too, at least 4, but they were all sitting resolutely on trees some distance away, looking distinctly cold and pissed off with life; well, it is January after all.

So instead, have this shot of the crow flying away from me and in the process scaring the bejesus out of the trio of fat stupid pigeons who probably thought that their number was up.  

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