By Bom

View Towards Weybourne

This morning I re-did the walk with H over Kelling Heath, down Croft Hill, round the bottom of Muckleborough Hill, and back up Telegraph Hill. This was the view towards Weybourne at the bottom of Muckleborough Hill. This time I recorded it on my app, it wasn't as far as I thought, only 3.2 miles, but our total descent then ascent was 240 feet each way which probably made it seem longer. I'll add an extra of the map if any locals are interested.

Day 681 / Day 48 of Plan B (for my record only)
The Health Secretary said yesterday evening that 77,000 NHS workers still haven't been vaccinated at all - I find this really bizarre. Daily new Covid cases have gone back over 100k. In the latest REACT-1 study, two thirds of those testing positive with Omicron had already had Covid. The ONS has reported that the estimated number of UK adults with Covid antibodies in the first week of Jan is over 90% for each region of the UK. They also reported that adults (18 to 69) with two vaccine doses seem to be 41.1% less likely to get long Covid symptoms if they get Covid. The ONS also reported that the highest rates of infection are in children aged 2 to school year 6 at 11.8%. The Welsh Govt is reducing self isolation to 5 full days with the normal test controls and caveats. Since mid June 21, the rate of death involving the Bangladeshi group was between 4.4 and 5.2 times higher than for white British men and women and still over twice as high when fully adjusted for vaccine status. About 1m children in England were off school last Thurs - that's 1 in 8, with c9% of teachers absent too - makes a mockery of the face mask requirement being removed. Sainsbury's, Waitrose and John Lewis are to continue asking shoppers to wear masks if they are able - well done! No ‘partygate’ report issued yet. 

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