at the hairdresser

I went to the hairdresser this morning - not before time either. Jesse cut and styled it again and I’m really pleased with it. My hair’s very fine and he makes it look as good as it can look. The salon, Flappers & Gentlemen, has moved to much bigger premises and has great views out of all the windows. The owner’s little dog, Teabag, came and sat on my knee (I was in trouble when I got back home and had to be examined carefully all over by Nelly and Ziggy) and one of the stylists brings her little dog too, a miniature whippet called Agnes. So home from home for me with dogs running around. I think the mirror on the floor on the left is for the dogs to use.
For Cailleach’s WildWednesday challenge - the link being that my hair looked wild before it was cut :-)
Thanks for hosting Suse, x

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