By GracieG

Yag Laser Capsulotomy...

is the name of an eye procedure that I had today...and the fact that I'm able to type this blip entry is some testament to its success.

Apparently, when a cataract operation is done the surgeon leaves in a little of the original lens in place to help support the new plastic lens.  However, one in four patients find that this old lens portion clouds up over time and makes the vision blurry. The blipfoto (which I took for a photo project about 'water') is a perfect illustration of how text looked when I tried to read for more than a few minutes.

The treatment involves focusing a laser onto the clouded area and breaking it up so that more light floods into the eye. It's very safe and completely pain-free and only takes about 5-10 minutes.  I do have some blurring still and it's too early to tell if it's worked yet but should improve over the next day or so...hopefully.

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