Asleep, and still writing

Still cold out there, but I at least felt somewhat brighter, buoyed as I was by eight-hours sleep. Managed to drag myself out of bed, make coffee and take Ottawacker Jr. for his morning classes on "le magnétisme". We're currently going through the routine of wondering whether or not it is safe for him to return. He's fully vaccinated now - or will be tomorrow once the two-week buffer period kicks in... such a minefield, this parenting lark.

Other than that - an uneventful day for me. Mrs. Ottawacker, however, went into full-blown irate mood at work. Having never seen her lose her temper once in the more-than-20 years we have been together, it was quite the sight. Thank God I never have to deal with it!

She took Ottawacker Jr. out for a skate at lunchtime, which ended up with a beaver tail and a dash home. It took it out of the boy whose receptivity in the afternoon lesson was, shall we say, less than optimal.

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