By stuartjross

Meall a Cliuth

We vacated the holiday house today and we are home now. The combination of my creaky laptop and poor internet connection while away meant I had to sift through about 500 emails this afternoon. There were about five of any real importance.
True to form the job I was supposed to go to tomorrow has still got access issues to be sorted out by the client. I was slightly concerned about this on Friday and actively chased up the young engineer to firm up on access arrangements for her to advise we couldn't go on site. The date had been set about two weeks ago as well.
Its clearly difficult for some folk to understand that cancelling work like this at the last moment can cause havoc and loss of income to small businesses and I was slightly irritated that I had to do the chasing to find out as well. I have brought something else forward but this isn't always possible.
Anyway, it has been a brilliant holiday week with sparkling weather but we woke up this morning with snow to low levels in Wester Ross. The plan was that I would take the dogs for an early quick stretch on a wee hill above Poolewe while M packed up. The dog cage consumes about two thirds of the boot so we travel pretty light.
The walk felt like a mini winter mountain expedition and Bruce and Caley had great fun in the snow. I have a picture of M in the same place in a tee shirt earlier in the week.
This is at the summit of Meall a Cliuth. It sounds better than "Cliff Hill" the literal translation.

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